We provide competent advice in administrative and legal matters of all kinds.

Nowadays it is impossible to think only of going to a lawyer, a financing specialist, an economist, an architect ..... individually.

Nowadays, everything is connected: legal matters, taxes, administrative formalities.

That is why we have formed a multidisciplinary professional team, where you will always find your solution with the right professional.
We are a company that is not only made up of lawyers and economists. We also have a large team of professionals from other specialities.


We are your helping hand in Spain, and we help you with all kinds of problems, from obtaining your legal residence in Spain, buying or renting a property, importing or buying and selling your car - or a boat - to assisting you with the translation in a traffic accident, for example. 
On this page, you will find useful and orderly information. You may surely be worried about your problem, and here you will start to find the solution.

Our services

Traffic Accidents.

You can choose a private lawyer, you have this right in any company, we charge per result.


Purchase and Sale of Real Estate.

We accompany you through the whole process, step by step: from the initial reservation contract, to the signing of the deed of sale before the notary, making the necessary verifications, and subsequently carrying out all the administrative formalities, such as payment of taxes, electricity, water, etc.


Purchase and Sale of Vehicles.

Explanation of the process.



Explanation of the process.


Setting up companies and accounting.

We advise you on setting up a Spanish company or creating a branch of a foreign company in Spain, and then we take care of its maintenance and accounting.



We do it fast and cheap, see our section, there are a few legal tricks and formulas to make the tenant leave as soon as possible. We are aware of how unpleasant it is to wait for a long time without ever being able to collect the rent and the slowness unfortunately of the justice system.


Family Law - Divorces.

Divorces by mutual agreement are easy and quick for us and will be very economical for you. We help you to divide your assets and organise your debts and mortgages together with your husband-wife, with special attention to the minor children, their protection and custody.


Criminal Law.

We have a special section for alcoholism, ill-treatment and problems with the authorities.
We also deal with economic and company offences, European residents in inheritance tax, general cases of non-tax and/or non-European residents, and offences related to transfer tax or construction tax.



You can do this on your own, but with the risks and failures that we have observed, often with clients who come to us with their papers refused, either at the consulate or at the immigration department.
We guarantee the result!


Inheritance, Wills, Successions and Donations.

Ways to make a will, problems with inheritance, solutions and ways to distribute the inheritance.
(See also the section on Taxes)


Bank Mortgages.

Detailed explanation of what to do to apply for a mortgage.


Private Equity Mortgages.

Solutions for people who need money and cannot go to banks or traditional finance companies.



Inheritance and Donation Tax - Residents
Inheritance and Donation Tax - Non-residents
Property Transfer Tax
Tax on New Constructions or Reforms


Nautical in general and Commercialisation of Boats.


Real Estate Auctions.

We explain and advise you on how to acquire a property at auction throughout the whole process.


Town Planning.

Problems, Illegal Constructions, Expropriations, etc.

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