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Spanish "Procurador"

A Spanish Procurador is a person basically who help the lawyer. He has this functions under Spanish Law: The Procurador is representing the plaintiff before the Court, that´s to say, the legal representative of the British plaintiff doesn´t have to come to Spain the day of the hearings because they have appointed a Procurador to act on their behalf.


A Spanish Procurador has no direct equivalent in the jurisdiction of England and Wales. He is like a sort of registered agent or solicitor's agent, neither of which exists in England and Wales system (only solicitors on the official roll and barristers who have been called to the Bar have rights of audience in the courts of E&W)


The procurador is a legal representative before the Spanish Courts. Procuradores have a law degree. Their main function is receiving notices and communications from the court and informing the lawyer in charge of the case. Their fees are calculated according to an official rate.


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