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Obtain your NI

1. Apply Online

Supply the requested data through our, for one or more applicants. Once this has been completed, you will be allowed to submit payment.


2. Download POA Template

A very simple Power of Attorney (POA) must be signed before a Notary Public. Once payment has been received, you will receive from us a customized POA by email.

Payment by bank transfer or postal


3. Visit a local Notary

Print out the POA template and bring it to a local Notary Public for notarisation. Don't forget to bring also your passport(s). We will need also a notarized and apostilled copy of the biografical page of your passport.


Country URL
United Kingdom The Notaries Society
Spain Consejo General del Notariado
Belgium Fédération Royale du Notariat Belge
France Notaires de France
Germany Die Bundesnotarkammer
Ireland The Faculty of Notaries Public in Ireland
Netherlands Koninklijke Notariële Beroepsorganisatie


4. Legalise Documents

Once the documents have been notarised, they need to be legalised by means of a Hague Apostille. This procedure is different in each country. Please ask your Notary Public for help with this step.


5. Return Documents

The legalised Power of Attorney must be returned to our address in Spain, so that we can submit your application to the Spanish authorities.


You can get your NIE number by mail within 3 – 7 days by post



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