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Important advice and information about buying a property in Spain these are the most frequent questions asked by users intending to buy a property in Spain.


If you have a question about buying property in Spain and it is not listed below, send it to ous. Our lawyer answers or economist and profesional team will answer:


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Is it possible for non-residentes in Spain to get a home improvements loan from a Spanish bank?


NIE: What is a N.I.E and do I need one to sell or buy property in Spain?


What is the plus valia property tax in Spain?


Is it true that all property deals in Spain involve cash payment of black money?


Can I secure the sale of a house in Spain with a deposit?


Are house prices in Spain expected to fall?


Is buying land in Spain and building my own house an option?


What extra expenses should I bear in mind when buying a house in Spain?


Do I have to use an estate agent to purchase property in Spain?


Where are the cheapest areas to buy property in Spain?


How high is the revaluation of property at the moment in Spain?


What are the advantages of getting a mortgage with a Spanish bank?


Why does the company building our new property in Spain want us to pay the first interim payments in cash?


I have been told that a "bungalow" in Spain has 2-4 floors!! Is this correct?


We are long-term tenants of a rented property and the owner suddenly wants to sell. What are our rights?


We are buying a rural property in Spain but it has no escritura. Could we have problems?


How can I find a good lawyer to represent my interests when buying property in Spain, and how much should I expect to be charged?


I am thinking of applying for a mortgage with a local bank in Spain. What do you recommend?






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