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Divorce in Spain



Spanish law doesn’t require stating a reason for the divorce and the process can be started for one of the parties. The process is very quick and easy. We have a very comprehensive family law. Besides is very cheap comparing to another U.E. countries.


1.- DETERMINE IF YOU CAN GET DIVORCED IN SPAIN.- It might be difficult to determine if you can get divorced in Spain and which national law will govern the divorce.


In general the divorce can be filed in Spain if: Both spouses are Spanish nationals wherever they are residents; The plaintiff is a Spanish national and resident in Spain, Both spouses are foreign nationals and residents in Spain and if The defendant is a foreign national and resident in Spain.


2 – DIVORCE SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT (“CONVENIO REGULADOR” in SPANISH).- It will be necessary to file a process and you will need a lawyer and other professionals such as a “procurador (juridical figure that won’t take active part in the process).


This document that will define the rules of interaction between the two spouses after the divorce.The document can be very simple if there are no children involved. It’s an extremely important document especially if there are children from the marriage. This agreement included:

Use of the family residence, custody of the children, children maintenance, separation of common assets…


3 -  DIVORCE IN CASE OF MUTUAL AGREEMENT.- This is the best option than a court divorce where the judge will have to take a decisition with the sentence to the parties.


So is cheaper, quick and easy work for a mutual agreement with no winner or loser. Is the best way to protect the children in order that they will have a friendly atmosphere between the parties.


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